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Emmerdale spoilers: Will Lachlan White murder Robert and Liv?

Emmerdale Lachlan White and Robert Sugden

Desperate to cover his tracks, Lachlan causes a carbon monoxide leak at Mill Cottage and then makes his escape! Is this the end for Robert and Liv?

Having sneaked into Mill Cottage and tampered with the boiler to cause a carbon monoxide leak, it looks like killer Lachlan White is going to make unsupecting residents Robert and Liv his next victims. He's certain Liv is the secret stalker who has been sending him cryptic text messages.

However, Lachlan panics when he thinks his baby cousin Seb is in the house! But with his evil plan already set in motion will it be too late for Lachlan to save Seb?

But will Lachlan be caught red-handed when his aunt Rebecca arrives at the property and finds both Robert and Liv lying unconscious. Will Rebecca sabotage Lachlan's plans or will he add her to his list of victims too?

Meanwhile, Ross is pleased to be back on track with girlfriend Rebecca and the couple have agreed to take things slowly this time around. But will a stolen cars racket and the arrival of the police ruin everything?

Double-bill (Episode 1 of 2)

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7:00pm on ITV