Eva plots to manipulate Liam in Hollyoaks

Eva Falco and Liam Donovan in Hollyoaks

Desperate not to let Liam slip through her fingers, Eva Falco comes up with a plan to keep her man close...

With Grace getting fed up of Liam and Eva’s public displays of affection, Liam reassures Grace that he’s going to dump Eva – three-date rule – unaware that Eva’s overheard. To keep Liam in her web, Eva comes up with an idea and asks him to store some drugs for her. Liam hides the drugs at The Loft, but it’s the day of ‘Little Starz’ talent competition at the club and Eva’s furious when she sees Liam’s hidden the bag of drugs under the stage in plain sight.

Meanwhile, young Leah is in full-on diva mode as Ste and Harry help her get ready for the talent show. As the winner is announced, Leah storms the stage when she hears it’s not her, just as mum Amy arrives horrified. The talent show is over but Eva still needs to move the drugs, so she sets off the fire alarm and walks out with the bag.

When Cameron finds out about Courtney’s ‘find Lockie’ page, he’s forced to support her when she goes to the police station, despite knowing they’ll never find Lockie. Cameron, Leela and Tegan are furious when Courtney uses Rose’s performance at the talent show to help in her search for Lockie. Later, pregnant Leela collapses outside The Loft.

Also, Alfie has a full day of surprises lined up for an excited Jade and she’s overwhelmed by a French picnic he’s arranged.

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