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Yasmine's sister Farrah arrives in Hollyoaks!

FARRAH MAALIK is played by Krupa Pattani

Yasmine gets a shock when her sister turns up on a motorbike

Yasmine decides she needs a job. It turns out to be an eventful day for Yasmine as just as she asks Esther for some part-time work, her sister Farrah turns up on the back of a motorbike! Later, Farrah makes quite the impression on one Hollyoaks resident…

Meanwhile, Adam and Maxine are shocked to find Darcy and Jesse kissing on the sofa. When Minnie starts walking, Adam suggests they celebrate by throwing a 'welcome home' party.

Later, Minnie and Toby go missing but, when Maxine finds Toby stood over Minnie who's struggling to get up, she screams and grabs Toby's shoulder. Could Toby cause problems for Maxine?

Also, Harry visits Ste in prison and is alarmed when another inmate, Woody, orders Harry to smuggle in drugs unless he wants Ste to get hurt. Will he agree?

And Grace gives Warren an ultimatum.