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Kidnapped! Finn’s snatched by druggies when a deal goes wrong

Finn Barton

As Ross' feud with Robert escalates, Finn is drawn into the chaos and kidnapped by drug dealers

A dangerous cat and mouse game hots up as Ross and Robert’s feud escalates. When Ross and Finn caught up with some local drug dealers, things spiral when, thanks to Robert and Aaron, a deal turns sour and the stash goes missing. As Ross races off to sort things out, Finn is kidnapped by the dodgy drug pushers, who demand he helps them track down their narcotics.

Chrissie and Rebecca confront Lawrence, wanting to know why he’s acting so shifty. Chrissie is sent reeling by his response. Is Chrissie about to find out the long-awaited answer to a very important question?

Elsewhere, Belle reassures Lachlan when he worries he’s come on too strong.