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Fiz is furious when Tyrone spends the charity money

Fiz in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Tyrone’s lies threaten to spiral out of control when he makes a shocking reveal to Fiz.

Having used the money sent to hope by a well-wisher Tyrone lies to Kevin, making out his Uncle Frank passed away and left him some money which he’s thinking of using to buy a van. Later, Fiz is furious when he reveals he’s spent Hope’s money on a van for their scrap business.

When Sally moans to Tim about the mayoral campaign, he snaps at her telling her there are more important things in life. Sally’s hurt. Sally poses for photos for her mayoral campaign but she’s annoyed when Kirk emerges in his bee costume and immediately becomes the centre of attention. Who will triumph?

Sinead makes preparations for Joseph’s arrival. Desperate that he should feel welcome and loved she asks Yasmeen for advice.

Seb’s fall leads to a shocking discovery at the hospital…

Michelle visits Robert in prison and does her best to buoy him up.

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