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Freddie and Lindsey's wedding descends into chaos!

Joe bursts into the church as Freddie and Lindsey are about to get married. Freddie's furious and the two brothers fight, but as Joe falls on Scott, he bumps into Sinead and her waters break. Joe and Freddie help Sinead into the car and Scott drives her to the hospital. Lindsey and Freddie go back to the church and finally get hitched!

Kim finds out Grace has been released from prison following Mercedes' return and deliberately lets slip to Trevor that she slept with Grace. Despite giving Grace an engagement ring, Trevor packs his bags to leave her, while Esther tells Grace she's keeping the baby she was going to give to her. As Esther storms out, Grace pulls a gun on Kim!

Also, Mercedes agrees to go to the police but, when she returns to the hospital, her family doesn't want to see her. Angry, Mercedes argues with Phoebe.