Freddie's love life is a shambles

Freddie panics when Mercedes decides she's going to tell Lindsey what happened last night – Freddie tried to kiss Mercedes, but she slapped him. Meanwhile, Lindsey wants to confront the radiologist who did JJ's scan, but Kim stops Lindsey just in time. Mercedes texts Freddie, saying his secret's safe, but Joe sees the message and Mercedes reveals what happened. Joe punches Freddie and their argument is witnessed by Kim. Going through Mercedes' bag, Kim sees the text she sent Freddie. Freddie returns home to a tear-stained Lindsey - she knows about him and Mercedes, thanks to Kim.

Meanwhile, Nana's troubled about her secret meetings with Derek, while Reenie tries to get Porsche back on her feet after discovering Lockie's infidelities. Reenie gets Porsche a job at The Dog, which Porsche uses as the perfect opportunity to flirt with the customers and make Lockie jealous. As Lockie asks Porsche to give him another chance, Mercedes drops him in it. Later, Reenie's horrified when she returns home to find Derek sat in the living room.

Ste's frantically trying to find Sinead and is heartbroken when he gets a text from her saying she knows about him and Harry, and she's left with Hannah. Harry tries to console Ste, but Diane overhears their conversation. Ste's appalled when Harry lies to Diane that Sinead was cheating on Ste and has run off with her new man. Ste tells Harry to leave him alone – he’s cost him everything.

Also, Jade finds out she's allowed to stay with the Osbornes.


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