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Gary Windass gets his girl in Corrie!

Gary Windass in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Gary Windass gets a nice surprise when Sarah tells him she wants to be with him in Corrie

A thrilled Bethany hugs her mum when the psychiatric nurse tells Sarah that she’s now discharged. Back on the street, Sarah apologises to Gary Windass for all the mixed messages, before kissing him passionately.

As Amy helps Steve build a cot for the new baby, Michelle struggles with her fears for their child’s future as they await the results of Steve’s tests.

On Tracy’s orders, Peter phones round the family breaking the news of Ken’s stroke.

Alya confides in Sharif that she still hasn’t got the new embroidery machine up and running. Caz arrives back and Kirk warns her Maria’s due back on Monday so she’d better be gone by then. Eva suggests Liam could stay with them until Maria comes home, but Aidan isn’t as keen…