Gavin abducts Kathy!

Kathy Mitchell, Gavin Sullivan
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Kathy comes face-to-face with a menacing Gavin, but is her life in danger?

Buster and Kathy arrange to go for a drink away from the Square after almost being caught kissing by Ian. As Kathy makes her way to the station, she’s shocked when Gavin turns up and calls her over. When Gavin insists that he has Dennis, Kathy feels she has no option but to go with him. Meanwhile, Buster is frustrated that Kathy seems to be a no show, until he sees her driving off with Gavin. Worried for her safety, a panicky Buster tells Sharon.

Gavin takes Kathy to a huge house, decorated exactly as their old house was. When Gavin seems to think Kathy will go back to him, Kathy insists he’s mad. After Margaret arrives, Gavin locks both Margaret and Kathy in the house and they try to escape him. Meanwhile, finding out the address of the house from Dennis, Sharon asks Buster to go with her. As they draw up in the driveway, a body falls from the first floor, hitting the car... Is it Kathy or Margaret?

Jack is nervous as Sam comes over to drop off Richard so the two can spend some time together. Struggling to make a connection with his son, Jack has to think around the situation. When he realises how fascinated Richard is with Amy’s hamster, he brings round Linda’s dog for Richard to take for a walk.

Also, Jay still feels like the Square pariah but gets some unexpected support from Ian.


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