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Gunno picks a fight with Brax

Ricky confides in Nate that she is nervous about visiting Brax in prison. Meanwhile, Gunno threatens Brax over his friendship with Ash. Surrounded by Gunno and his friends, Brax is punched and a full-blown fight breaks out.

VJ is packing his belongings and preparing to leave Summer Bay, when the hospital ring to say Leah is awake. Zac and VJ are thrilled, but Zac feels guilty, as he was about to give up on Leah and VJ. The doctors tell Leah she has long journey ahead in terms of recovery but Zac reassures her he'll be there every step of the way.

Spencer pours all his energy into making the Colour Run a success when he finds out Maddy's chemotherapy is no longer working. A stubborn Maddy refuses to attend the Colour Run but Oscar tells her to stop wallowing in self-pity and realise people care about her.