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Hannah finds an injured Andy

Casey, Hannah and Josh search high and low for Andy. Hannah finds him badly beaten and with broken ribs after a drug deal went wrong. Hannah also lets slip to Brax that Casey went against his wishes in order to help Andy, which leads to a showdown between the brothers. Andy begs Casey to protect Josh as the drug dealers are coming after him next....

Maddy is shocked when Roo demands she pays rent, as she is not a student. When she turns up at the gym, Casey dismisses any ideas she has to improve the gym and she finds her role is as a cleaner, rather than as a fitness instructor. Casey tells Roo he gave her the job to stop her running away, but wants her to go back to school.

Marilyn doesn't know how to make John feel excited about the wedding and is gutted when she finds out Xavier is the mystery guest John wants to attend. When John's daughter Shandi gets in touch, Marilyn wonders how to un-invite her.