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Harriet slaps Laurel!

*First episode*

At the hospital, Victoria bites the bullet and tells Harriet and Laurel she hit Ashley with her car, which is why he is now in hospital in a coma. The news isn’t taken well. When angry Harriet then realises Laurel is drunk she has a pop at Laurel who then retaliates and gets a slap round the face! Sandy interrupts their catfight to say Ashley’s coming round, but as they head in to see him, Ashley starts to convulse and the machines start beeping. Will Ashley pull through? And if he doesn’t, is Robert right – might Victoria end up in prison?

With the bank having refused Carly a loan to buy David’s shop, Bob urges her to come clean with the Pollards. But Carly’s got a plan. She wants to use Pearl to pose as Brenda with Bob to see if they can get a loan instead. Val overhears her telling Ross about it and soon comes up with an even more radical idea…

Having lost out on the flat, James is furious and reckons Chas was behind it. But Finn suspects Emma has a lot more to do with it than Chas.