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Has Maxine fallen for Dodger?

Martha and Patrick's plan is intercepted by Dodger, who asks Maxine if she'd like to go for a drink - her knight in shining armour. Will she fall for Dodger's charms?

Jim is suspicious about how the fire started and goes to see Trevor. He's horrified when he realises he's been set up and Carmel is alarmed when her fiancé is arrested.

Fraser offers to get Jim off the hook, if only he'll sign his half of the club over to him. He reluctantly agrees and Fraser promises that he'll be released within the hour, but it's not over for Jim. Elsewhere, Lindsey suspects Freddie knows who started the fire, but doesn't expect him to say it was him.

Sienna is elated and tells Frankie that Charlie is going to live with her and Darren or she'll tell Jack the truth. Frankie's heart breaks when she hands Charlie over to an elated Darren, has she finally seen Sienna's true colours?