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Heather collapses!

(Image credit: BBC)

Heather tentatively brings up the subject of Zara's IVF and wonders if she'll ever tell Joe. Zara replies she might, children can handle most things if you are honest with them. Her words strike a chord with Heather as she heads off back to work. Later, she returns and Karen watches in horror as her legs buckle and she collapses on the floor. 

Howard's friend Ewan is staying but when Howard comes home early and heads upstairs, he's shocked to find Ewan in bed with a woman. Ewan begs Howard to stay quiet – he can't risk his job and marriage, but a furious Howard throws him out.

Heston’s embarrassed when his attractive Italian friend Allegra turns up at The Mill. The gang are convinced she's going to be Heston's new girlfriend but he snaps. She may be beautiful but he can't stand her. As Al, Ayesha and Emma wisely leave the room, Mrs Tembe tells Heston she is proud of him for seeing beyond the physical.