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HELP! Will Paddy drown in grain?

*First episode*

When Chrissie reveals the note she’s been sent – which suggests her husband is cheating on her – Robert dimisses it. But inside, he is raging. And with a good idea who sent it to his wife, he sets out to even the scores. After accusing Aaron, Robert then spies his lover having a go at Paddy. Bingo! So when Paddy happens to find himself stuck in a grain store, lurking Robert flicks a switch and the store begins to fill…

Having assumed the mysterious lump sum she’s been sent is from her father, Vanessa is toying with the idea of visiting him in prison. Of course, the cash was actually from Rakesh to try to ease his guilt over fooling everyone into thinking Vanessa is carrying Adam’s child rather than his beloved son Kirin’s.

Rodney returns from Amsterdam with a rather saucy gift for Jimmy. It’s a porn film and guess who’s starring in it? Tracy!