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Are Heston and Ruhma having another wedding?

(Image credit: BBC)

Will they finally have the wedding of their dreams?

Ruhma meets a photographer by the name of Paulo who seems to be the perfect fit to take pictures at her and Heston’s second wedding. Ruhma is elated and wants classic bride and groom shots, but Heston has other ideas. What exactly will Heston want to re-create?

Meanwhile, Ben is still down in the dumps, so Valerie offers him a shoulder to cry on. She makes Ben a cup of tea and begins to ask probing questions, much to Ben's irritation. He manages to brush her off, by agreeing to have lunch with her. However, Ben doesn't show up and decides to have a chat with Jimmi instead. Will Jimmi be able to give Ben the advice he needs? And how will Valerie feel after being stood up for lunch?