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Hollyoaks spoilers: Evil Edward Hutchinson forms a MENACING plan

Edward Hutchinson and Tony in Hollyoaks

Edward Hutchinson wants to REMOVE Tony for good!

Scheming Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) will stop at nothing to get his son Tony (Nick Pickard) completely out of the picture in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.25pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

Tony Hutchinson in Hollyoaks

Edward Hutchinson wants his son Tony (pictured) out of the picture for good

Tonight, a struggling Tony is adamant he won’t give up on his family without a fight.

However his sinister surgeon dad, Edward, warns Tony not to back him into a corner and later forms a very menacing plan. What exactly has twisted Edward cooked up now?

Edward Hutchinson and Tony in Hollyoaks

What new depths will evil Edward stoop to?

Elsewhere Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) is excited by the plans to bring her son Bobby home for New Year’s Eve, unaware of serial killer Silas Blissett’s (Jeff Pope) kidnap plot and the deceit of those around her.

Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks

Mercedes has no idea blackmailer Silas is so close by!

Meanwhile, Goldie McQueen (Chelsee Healey) soon has some explaining to do when she’s the next person to be accused of being the blackmailer’s mole.

Ollie Morgan in Hollyoaks

Dad Luke recently had to confront Ollie (pictured) about his drug addiction

Elsewhere, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) is full steam ahead with her Christmas Day plans.

However, when drug addict, Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clarke), asks if he can borrow some money for Christmas presents, Cindy refuses, prompting Ollie to ask Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) for a handout instead.

But is the cash for presents as Ollie would have Brody believe, or is he going to squander it on drugs?

Brody Hudson in Hollyoaks

Plus, when Brody suggests that he and Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) should consider co-parenting baby Faith with Sienna’s sibling Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart), his idea does NOT go down at all well.

Hollyoaks is shown Mondays to Thursdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4