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Hollyoaks spoilers: It’s war! Darren Osborne fights Nancy for custody of the kids

darren osborne -nancy-hollyoaks

Things get nasty as Darren and Nancy go head to head for custody of their children

Nancy is reeling to discover that Darren Osborne has filed for full custody of the children. Kyle vows to help Nancy get the best lawyer and secretly hires James to help her out

nancy osborne and kyle

Kyle decides to help Nancy out with the custody case

James advises Nancy to stop seeing the children altogether for the time being and make the custody war begin but Nancy is not best pleased at having slippery James on board. Will she listen to his advice or ignore it?

Nancy Osborne and Kyle and James

Kyle has arranged for lawyer James to work on Nancy's case

Darren is determined he’s going to shell out for the best lawyer in the business no matter what the cost but Mandy, who is pregnant with his child, is starting to get increasingly upset at the thought of things turning nasty. All she wants is peace and to try and keep things on an even keel with Nancy after she betrayed her friend so badly.

Is it already too late and is the battle between Nancy and Darren about to escalate to the point of no return?

Misbah Maalik

Misbah decides the family can't carry on like this

Meanwhile Misbah tells her son Imran exactly what she’s been thinking, leaving him shocked. How can the Maaliks move forward with their lives?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4