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Hollyoaks spoilers: The McQueens make plans for the biggest hen party EVER for Mercedes and Cleo


It's party time as the McQueens plan a double hen do for Mercedes and Cleo

With both Mercedes and Cleo due to tie the knot imminently, Nana and Goldie and the rest of the McQueen clan have huge fun dreaming up the perfect hen celebrations.

cleo-mercedes-hen night-hollyoaks

However when they get wind of the fact that Cleo is planning a secret small wedding on Wednesday and none of them are invited, they secretly plot to force the truth out of her by planning hen celebrations that will go on all week.


Will Cleo have to back out of the 7 day hen party and confess that she’ll be busy on Wednesday because she has her own wedding to go to?


Sure enough, the truth outs and Mercedes and she have a huge row in which Mercedes blasts Cleo and calls her boring for wanting a small ceremony with no fuss.


But later on Mercedes feels bad and apologises and the family decide to give Cleo a hen night she actually feels happy with. Meanwhile Cleo is rattled when she receives a letter that leaves her reeling as her past is dragged up.

Elsewhere, Jack who has been tasked by suspicious Russ to spy on Sylver and Mercedes, breaks into Sylver’s workshop and steals his phone.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Jack is delighted to get some life-changing news

However he’s caught out when Breda spots Jack with the mobile and begins grilling him. How can Jack talk his way  out of the sticky situation?

Plus Simone bumps into her ex, Louis, but when the pair have a heart to heart they end up in bed together. Later on Louis heads back to Leela and they also sleep together. Seems like Louis is a busy man!

Meanwhile, Tegan who is struggling with Rose, lets her skip school when she refuses to go. Instead she takes her to the salon for a pamper day but Rose is soon whipping up trouble and running riot. Diane comes in and quickly has naughty Rose under control leading Tegan to decide that Rose should go and live with Diane….permanently!

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4