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Hollyoaks Spoilers! Scheming Scarlett sabotages Luke’s birthday party

Luke's birthday celebrations come to an abrupt halt when his plotting ex-wife, Scarlett, shows up

It’s Luke’s birthday party but his plotting ex-wife, Scarlett, is determined to wreak havoc.

She arrives at his special birthday bash brandishing a huge present that leaves Mandy simmering. Unable to hold back, a furious Mandy lashes out and the celebrations are soon plunged into utter chaos.

Later on a bitter Scarlett tries to convince her son Ollie that the best thing would be for her and Luke to get back together. Ollie takes her words to heart and comes up with a  plan to split Luke and Mandy up for good! What has he got up his sleeve?

Elsewhere, Leela has spent another night searching for missing Peri but it starting to lose all hope of ever finding her daughter. However, just as she’s at her wits end, she meets a bedraggled young girl called Harley who says she is Peri’s friend. Can Harley lead her to Peri?

Plus Damon is furious with Brody after discovering he’s planning to jet off to New York and Theo continues to linger around the village and piles the pressure on Milo to cough up a large sum of cash. What will a desperate Milo do?