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Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna is back! The murdering mum is released from custody

Sienna Blake is back in Hollyoaks

Sienna is a free woman and returns to Chester following the murder of her daughter Nico

Sienna is a free woman again and returns to Chester. The troubled mum stood trial after confessing to killing her daughter, Nico, in June this year.

Mother and daughter were seen getting into a terrifying fight over Nico’s newborn daughter, Victoria. Nico attacked her mother but was stopped by Leela Lomax who pulled her off Sienna, causing Nico (below), to hit her head against a table.

Sienna Blake still has Nico Blake locked in her bedroom but she decides to teach Nico how to knit in Hollyoaks.

NIco quickly hatches a plan and thinks she can use the knitting needles to pick the lock and escape. Will she be successful?

Sienna was distraught believing her daughter was dead but when Nico suddenly lunged at her, Sienna grabbed a weapon in self-defence and struck her on the head, this time actually killing her.

After months away, and standing trial, Sienna is finally released.


Nancy is there to meet her as Sienna leaves the court


She tells her she urgently needs her help but what exactly has Nancy got in mind?


Elsewhere, still desperate to try and make things up with Nancy, cheat Darren plans a big gesture for his wife.

Plus Breda, who’s helping out as childminder, is feeling taken for granted by Leela who has a constant stream of jobs for her to do.


Breda goes to Price Slice but is angry when Oscar runs past her and knocks her phone sending it smashing onto the floor.

The angry McQueen demands Jack give her money for the cracked device, but Jack, who is at his wits end with the kids has a better offer. He asks Breda to come and work for him he’ll pay her double what Leela is paying!

Will Breda jump ships?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4