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Hollyoaks spoilers: It’s Ste and Harry’s wedding day! What could possibly go wrong?

ste and harry hollyoaks

Ste and Harry get ready to tie the knot but will someone or something derail their nuptials?

It’s finally time for Ste and Harry to tie the knot and as the couple get ready for their Big Day, Lily puts the final touches to the wedding decorations.

ste and harry wedding

She enlists the help of Prince and Zack but quickly discovers the pair are worse than useless at being of any assistance.

ste and harry wedding

Elsewhere, Tony and Diane are distraught following Dee Dee’s rapid health decline. With Dee Dee in a critical condition a worried Ste decides they should postpone the wedding but Tony insists it should go ahead. But there could be fresh trouble ahead…

ste and harry hollyoaks wedding

A bitter James, who’s been having an affair with Harry, sets out to ruin the nuptials and plans to expose Harry’s cheating by placing pictures of him and Harry kissing in the guests’ gift bags. He gets Romeo to help him out, still unaware the Romeo is infact his son!

harry and ste wedding hollyoaks

As the wedding ceremony gets  underway Mercedes is responsible for sorting all the catering at The Dog.

scott hollyoaks

Scott checks to make sure that everything is under control

scott hollyoaks

But there’s mayhem when Mercedes announces that Goldie has failed to pass on a message and there is actually no food for the guests.

With so many spanners in the works and potential threats to the Big Day, as all their guests assemble including Peri and Ste's twins,  Leah and Lucas, will Ste and Harry actually tie the knot?

peri and leah and lucas hollyoaks

Or are their nuptials about to be dramatically derailed?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4