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Hollyoaks spoilers! Ste is furious to discover Leah has sold her story to a magazine

Ste Hay

Ste is livid to learn Leah has gone behind his back and sold her story about their family to a magazine and Sami tells Kyle it's time to get rid of James once and for all....

Ste can’t believe it when he discovers that Leah has sold a salacious story about their family to a women’s magazine. He’s livid but when Leah tries to explain her reasons and offers to use the cash she got from the publication to help Ste fund his wedding, he starts to back down.

However there’s trouble brewing when Billy, Leah’s biological dad, sees the magazine piece and shows up in Chester demanding to see his daughter!

Elsewhere, Kyle is suspicious of James when he catches him on a secret phone call and sneaking out of the house. Kyle and Sami spy on him and see him with another man and when James later returns, Kyle wants answers.

Later on a vengeful Sami tells Kyle it’s time for them to put their plan into action to get rid of James once and for all. Are the scheming lawyer’s days numbered?