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Hollyoaks@25: Nancy's rocked to hear about Justin and Becca's affair


Nancy is aghast to learn that teacher Becca Dean has been having an affair with pupil Justin

Becca Dean doesn’t feel up to going into work after her trip to the hospital yesterday, so Jake offers to spend the day with her in Hollyoaks (see our TV Guide for full listings). It’s Nancy’s birthday, but Nicole decides to tell her about Becca and Justin’s affair.


Nancy laughs off Nicole’s claims, but storms off when she hears about the kiss.

Mel and Sophie ask their mum for a 21st birthday party, but Liz is unsure, given Mel’s battle with alcoholism. However, when she sees how hard Mel is working, she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Justin has locked himself in his room, leaving his mum and sisters questioning who has broken his heart.


Josh and Fletch smuggle Grandpa Bill out of the retirement home and hide him in Josh’s bedroom.

Joe barricades himself into his room before the loan shark returns. Jeremy, Jessica and Olivia lie that Joe has died suddenly, but have to prove it to wipe his debt.

Hollyoaks@25, which celebrates 25 years of Hollyoaks and looks back at some of the soaps most memorable episodes, airs every weekday 7pm on E4. New episodes of Hollyoaks will begin again in September