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Home and Away spoilers: Bella Nixon BLACKMAILS Colby Thorne!

Home and Away, Colby Thorne
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Colby Thorne is alarmed when he discovers Bella has evidence of his affair with Taylor on Home and Away. WHAT will he do about it?

Does Bella Nixon (played by Courtney Miller) now have the evidence she needs to keep her reckless brother, Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) in line on Home and Away? (1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings)

Colby is alarmed when he discovers Bella has caught on camera evidence of his affair with Taylor Rosetta (Annabelle Stephenson) and that she intends to blackmail him with it!

Colby knows the truth about his affair with Taylor must be kept from her police detective husband, Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz).

But WHAT exactly will Colby do to make sure Bella's incriminating photo doesn't fall into the wrong hands?

Home and Away, Owen Slater, Roo Stewart

Roo's romance with Owen on Home and Away is going rather nicely, thank-you!

Meanwhile, things are going rather nicely between Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Owen Slater (Cameron Daddo) after a very stop/start to their relationship.

After spending the night together in Owen's caravan, Roo decides the time is right for a family dinner to officially introduce Owen into the mix.

However, when Roo's no-nonsense dad, Alf (Ray Meagher) starts interrogating Owen about his intentions, will he accidentally turn Roo and Owen's romance sour?

Home and Away, Ari Parata

Ari has an unexpected ultimatum for his girlfriend, Mac on Home and Away...

Elsewhere, Ari Parata (Rob Kipa Williams) is fed-up with waiting around for his girlfriend, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) to make-up her mind about them living together and the future of their relationship.

But how will Mac respond when Ari drops an unexpected ultimatum on her?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5