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Home and Away spoilers: Will Bella Nixon go on the run again with her dad Ross?

Home and Away, Bella Nixon

Bella is terrified when dad Ross reveals he has come to take her away with him and tries to manipulate the teenager with more lies...

Bella Nixon is terrified to be face-to-face with her dad Ross again, after she discovered he was responsible for her mum Michelle's death, just as her and Bella were about to flee from nasty Ross.

But once again, cunning Ross talks his way out of trouble, claiming it was just a terrible accident. And now he wants Bella to leave with him and turn her back on long-lost big brother Colby Thorne. Will Bella fall for Ross's manipulation again and agree to run away?

Elsewhere, it's all systems go as Colby and his fiancee Chelsea Campbell try and pull-off the last-minute plans for their wedding which has been brought forward to just two days time!

Home and Away, Dean Thompson

Dean has some love advice for mixed-up Willow (Picture: Channel 5)

Colby's best buddy Dean Thompson gets the use of a backyard belonging to an old Mangrove River friend for the wedding venue. But Willow Harris is finding it tricky to book a band or a DJ as everyone is booked at such short notice. Argh!

Dean suggests Willow gets her guitar playing boyfriend Justin Morgan to play on the Big Day. Unfortunately, Willow is still unsure whether her and Justin are on or off while their relationship is on a break. How will Willow react when Dean says she should cut Justin loose if she's not that into him...

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