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Home and Away spoilers: Brody Morgan and Justin Morgan have a fight!

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Justin Morgan

There's a brawl on the beach between brothers Brody and Justin, after Justin's warning to Brody to end his affair with Simone...

Tempers flare after Justin Morgan confronts his brother Brody and secret lover Simone Bedford outside restaurant Salt and warns trainee chef Simone to quit her job and leave Summer Bay before she ruins the lives of Brody and his wife Ziggy.

Furious over his brother's interference, Brody chases after Justin and a brawl breaks out on the beach, with Brody warning Justin to stay out of his business! But when their younger brother Mason and Surf Club boss John Palmer break-up the scuffle, will they discover the shock reason behind the heated disagreement?

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, John Palmer, Mason Morgan, Justin Morgan

Fight! Will the Morgan brothers settle their differences? (Picture: Channel 5)

With unsuspecting Ziggy determined to get things back on track with Brody, it's all too much for Simone who later announces she's tired of being the 'other woman' and plans to pack her bags and leave!

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison

Raffy is feeling under pressure (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in the Bay, teenager Raffy Morrison is getting super-stressed about returning to school and has been hitting the books.

Raffy's boyfriend, Ryder Jackson, does his best to try and convince her everything is going to be OK. But Raffy continues to put pressure on herself over all the things she cannot remember, and the stress brings on another epileptic seizure and she collapses to the floor...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5