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Home and Away spoilers: Can Tori and Justin help clear Robbo's name?

Home and Away - Justin Morgan, Tori Morgan, Robbo, Sergeant Phillip McCarthy

Justin and Tori have teamed-up to help Robbo. But will the evidence they uncover about evil Ebony be enough to prove Robbo was framed for murder?

With the date of Robbo's hearing approaching, time is running out for the former Federal Agent who is suspected of murdering Hazel Easton after being found by police standing over her body.

Meanwhile, Justin, his sister Tori and hospital nurse Jasmine are still trying to get to the bottom of who injected Colby with the lethal medication that has left him in a coma. But when they do some digging, they uncover CCTV footage of Ebony sneaking into the hospital and stealing the lethal meds and medical records linking Ebony to Hazel Easton. Could Ebony have poisoned her hated mum too?

Justin and Tori storm down to the police station to present Sergeant McCarthy with their findings. But will the new evidence be enough to save Robbo from being put behind bars?

At the hospital, the Astoni family support Maggie, who has agreed to begin chemotherapy again. But the return of Maggie's domineering mother Diana has everyone on edge when Diana announces she wants to take Maggie away from the Bay so she can become a patient in an exclusive clinical trial for cancer in Europe...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5