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Home and Away spoilers: Evil Ebony's shock revenge on Colby Thorne...

Home and Away, Ebony and Hazel Easton

When Ebony discovers Robbo has secretly been investigating her, she puts her final wicked plan into motion. Watch out, Colby!

As Robbo continues to date Ebony in an attempt to find out what she is really doing in Summer Bay, the question is, how far will the former Federal Agent go in the line of the duty when Ebony starts to seduce him?

But Robbo had better watch out, as when Ebony snoops through his phone she accidentally discovers Robbo has been investigating her background and is close to making the connection she is the sister of dodgy Boyd Easton who was fatally shot by his apartment roommate, Colby.

Under orders from her horrible mum, Hazel, Ebony goes full speed ahead with her revenge plan. After sneaking into the hospital, Ebony steals two vials of strong medication and then lies in wait for Colby at his apartment...

One of the vials of medication is intended for Colby. But who else is Ebony intending to poison?

Meanwhile, Ryder tries to repair his friendship with Ty in the aftermath of the awkward kiss, and vows to support his friend. Unfortunately, heartbroken Raffy is not quite as understanding and feels like she has been betrayed by those closest to her.

So when she finds out from foster parents Marilyn and John that Ty will be coming home from the hospital, Raffy decides she doesn't want to be anywhere near Ty...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5