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Home and Away spoilers: Hunter is accused of harassment by ex-lover Christina!

Home and Away, Hunter King, Christina

Hunter's future at university is thrown into jeopardy when his married lecturer lover Christina reports the student for harassment and stalking...

After discovering he has been dropped from the work placement with the basketball team, Hunter decides to file a complaint against his university lecturer, and ex-lover Christina, who is clearly trying to protect her own career after their ill-fated affair.

However, Hunter's complaint angers Christina who confronts the student, arguing he could jeopardise her career. Hunter quickly discovers Christina won't be going down without a fight when he then learns Christina has reported him for harassment and stalking, and if he is found guilty, Hunter will be kicked out of university...

Meanwhile, Raffy, Coco and Ryder put their plan to reunite Raffy's foster parents John and Marilyn into action. The teenagers trick the squabbling couple into meeting each other for dinner, and Raffy insists they sit down and settle their differences because she is fed up with being stuck in the middle. Realising they have been neglecting Raffy, will John and Marilyn finally agree to put their differences aside?

And school teacher Maggie is not impressed when she discovers her daughter Coco's school grades have slipped while the family has been pre-occupied with Maggie's cancer treatment. But Maggie and hubby Ben have a plan to help Coco get back on track.

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5