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Home and Away spoilers: Is Mason Morgan ready to become a dad?

Home and Away, Mason Morgan, Dempsey

Mason is still reeling from girlfriend Dempsey's baby bombshell. Do the young couple, who have only just started dating, really want to become parents?

Medical student Mason has been focusing on getting his career back on track lately, and enjoying the odd hook-up with new girlfriend Dempsey. So the last thing on his mind is becoming a dad!

But while Mason and Dempsey reel from the unexpected news, Mason's sister Tori returns from the city where she has been investigating IVF treatment, determined to start her own family with or without a man in her life. So the irony hits her hard when Mason drops the bombshell he could soon be a dad, like it or not.

Meanwhile, with Christina's angry husband Tony having stormed off, the coast is clear for secret lovers Hunter and Christina to meet up again. Christina desperately tries to explain why she kept quiet about being married, that her relationship with Tony was over a long time ago. But despite having the hots for Christina, does Hunter really want to carry on having an affair with a married woman?

And the Palmer house suffers a shock loss when Marilyn and John's foster son Ty announces he has decided to leave Summer Bay to live with his mum Jodi again, now he is confident she won't abandon him again. Marilyn, John and foster daughter Raffy don't want to stand in Ty's way but are all secretly heartbroken as Jodi drives off with Ty.

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5