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Home and Away spoilers: Maggie and Ben Astoni have a romantic getaway

Home and Away Week26 Maggie and Ben

Maggie surprises hubby Ben when she arranges a romantic overnight getaway for them at a picturesque beachside cottage

Every moment counts for cancer patient Maggie Astoni. So she decides to surprise her husband Ben with a romantic overnight trip to a pretty beachside cottage.

But Ben is worried the trip will be all too much for Maggie, who was just in hospital battling pneumonia. However, when Ben sees how much it means to Maggie to enjoy some carefree time alone with him, will he finally relax and enjoy their time together?

Elsewhere, Robbo is back in the Bay after deciding returning to a life with the Feds is not for him. But how will the ex-copper react when he discovers what's happening with his flat mate Colby? And could Robbo be the one to smell a rat where scheming Ebony is concerned?

Meanwhile, Willow still can't bring herself to tell ex-boyfriend Justin the real reason she broke-up with him, after Justin's ex, Nina Gilbert dropped a big dilemma on her. And it looks like romance is in store for Justin's sister Tori when she finds herself in a passionate snog with ex-boyfriend Martin "Ash" Ashford!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5