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Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn Chambers has an ACCIDENT!

Home and Away spoilers, Marilyn Chambers, John Palmer
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Whoopsie! After a few too many cocktails, Marilyn Chambers has an unfortunate mishap on Home and Away. Luckily, it's John to the rescue!

Marilyn Chambers (played by Emily Symons) has an unfortunate mishap on today's episode of Home and Away (1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings)

Marilyn agrees to be the judge for Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe Anderson's (Sam Barrett) cocktail competition.

But she sees a campaign flyer featuring her estranged husband, John Palmer (Shane Withington), and ends up drinking a bit too much.

Home and Away spoilers, Ryder Jackson, Marilyn Chambers, Chloe Anderson

Marilyn Chambers (played by Emily Symons) is the judge for Ryder and Chloe's cocktail competition on Home and Away

Marilyn later storms over to the Palmer house to confront John about his campaign to become Surf Club President.

But while she's there, tipsy Marilyn accidentally slips and falls!

Luckily, John races to Marilyn's rescue after she twists her ankle.

Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter) is not amused when she discovers John is getting distracted by his ex, Marilyn.

So at her first opportunity, Susie makes Marilyn very much aware that she has now moved into the Palmer house!

Home and Away spoilers, Marilyn Chambers, Alf Stewart, John Palmer, Susie McAllister

Marilyn discovers the truth about John and Susie's living arrangement on Home and Away!

How will Marilyn react to the SHOCK discovery?

Meanwhile at Northern District Hospital, Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) witnesses another clash between nurse Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold) and Dr Christian Green (Ditch Davey).

Christian remains unaware of the SECRET grudge that Lewis has against him.

Home and Away spoilers, Tori Morgan, Christian Green

Doctors spoilers, Christian Green, Tori Morgan

Tori is caught in the middle of more tension between Christian and Lewis on Home and Away

But Christian makes it very clear to Tori that he will not tolerate another stand-off with Lewis.

Tori is caught in the middle.

How will she handle the situation?

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan, Susie McAllister

Should Leah and Justin trust Susie on Home and Away?

Elsewhere, Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) meet with estate agent Susie.

The couple have just had a mortgage agreed by the bank.

But should Leah be wary of Susie, after her friend Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) made it clear she does not trust Susie?

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