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Home and Away spoilers: Raffy Morrison wakes-up from her coma

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison, Tori Morgan, Justin Morgan, Brody Morgan

The Morgan and Palmer families are thrilled when Raffy wakes-up from the coma. But their happiness is cut short by a shock diagnosis...

The Morgan and Palmer families are called to the hospital when doctor Tori Morgan reports that Raffy Morrison will soon wake from the coma she's been in, since the shock tunnel collapse at the old River Boys hideout.

However, their happiness turns to panic after Raffy briefly wakes up before going into another seizure. Raffy's loved-ones are later shocked by the news the teenager has been left with post-traumatic epilepsy...

Raffy's foster mum Marilyn Chambers starts to look to the future and wonders if she'll need to quit her job at The Diner to care for Raffy full-time. Will things come to that?

Elsewhere, having broken down with emotion while filming a cooking segment dedicated to his sister Raffy, restaurant chef Brody Morgan decides to have another go. But he's curious when vlogger Leah tells him there is something real and raw about his emotional first attempt in front of the camera. Will Brody agree to let Leah use the emotional footage?

Meanwhile, Maggie Astoni begins to wonder if returning to her old job as Principal of Summer Bay High was a mistake. She's no longer finding the role fulfilling. Is it time for Maggie to try something new?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5