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Home and Away Spoilers: Robbo's hopes start to fade as his trial gets underway

Robbo starts to fear the worst as he makes his way to the courtroom

Robbo is jittery ahead of his day in court and is shocked to find Ash waiting outside the courtroom. As the trial gets underway, the prosecution is adamant that Robbo is Beckett Reid, a stone cold killer. Meanwhile, Robbo's hopes fade fast when he discovers that Ash is there to testify for the prosecution.

With the case already rocked, Robbo's lawyer calls Justin as a witness much sooner than planned but Justin's situation quickly intensifies when, the next day, he discovers that Ava has gone missing and, not only that, but Robbo has gone too! Has he done a runner?

Elsewhere, Alf and Roo confront their past with Martha and, when some home truths from long ago emerge, Roo starts to see things differently. Was Alf to blame for the destruction of their family?