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Home and Away spoilers: SHOCK baby news for Tori Morgan!

Home and Away, Tori Morgan

When Tori and Robbo return to the hospital to discuss the baby scan, there's some alarming news awaiting the parents-to-be...

After all the trouble she went through trying to get pregnant through IVF treatment, Tori Morgan is now freaking out over the possibility something serious could be wrong with her unborn baby.

Following the 20-week scan, Tori and her friend (and sperm donor) Robbo return to the hospital, after being called back for a repeat ultrasound.

During the appointment, Tori and Robbo are both left worried when the obstetrician explains that because Tori's cervix is short, it could lead to an early labour... and the possibility of losing the baby...

Having already lost his two young children in a home invasion several years ago, Robbo freaks out at the news and does a runner from the hospital!

Home and Away, Robbo, Tori Morgan

Robbo and Tori fear the worst after some SHOCK news at the hospital... (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, when teenager Raffy Morrison collapses from another epileptic seizure, her brother Mason feels frustrated he can no longer help her with the CBD oil after he was caught by the police buying marijuana for the secret trial he was running at home.

Mason's older brother Justin is alarmed when he suggests they start secretly making the CBD oil again! Having only just been cleared of the drug charges, is Mason about to get himself back into trouble?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5