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Home and Away spoilers: Tane Parata is out for REVENGE!

Home and Away spoilers, Bella Nixon, Dean Thompson, Tane Parata, Nikau Parata, Mia Anderson
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Tane Parata is out to avenge his brother Ari's hit and run on Home and Away. But WHO was the driver of the car? And how far will Tane go for revenge?

Tane Parata (played by Ethan Browne) vows REVENGE after the shock hit and run on Home and Away (1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings)...

Tane's brother, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is rushed to hospital in a critical state after being knocked down by a mystery speeding car.

Ari has got multiple injuries and is placed into a medically induced coma...

Home and Away spoilers, Ari Parata

Tane Parata (played by Ethan Browne) is out for revenge after the hit and run on Home and Away...

At the hospital, Tane soon guesses WHO was behind the hit and run.

He receives a gloating text message from gang leader, Paul (Jack Finsterer) who warns that Tane will be next!

Determined to shutdown Paul and his gang, Tane sets off to get revenge...

But how far will Tane go to put a stop to Paul and his threats?

Home and Away spoilers, Mackenzie Booth

Mackenzie is ready to tell Ari that she is pregnant on Home and Away

Meanwhile, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is ready to come clean to ex-boyfriend, Ari that she is pregnant.

Mac is soon left reeling from the news that Ari is in a serious condition in hospital.

Mac realises she needs to see Ari.

But when she gets to the hospital, Mac is thrown to find his ex, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) by his hospital bed.

Will she flee the scene?

Home and Away spoilers, Dean Thompson, Amber Simmons

Dean and Amber share a moment on Home and Away

Elsewhere, Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor) is grateful to Amber Simmons (Maddy Jevic) for supporting his sister Mac over her pregnancy.

Dean and Amber share a charged moment.

Will it lead them into the bedroom?

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