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Home and Away spoilers: Will Colby and Robbo discover Dean's secret?

Home and Away, Dean Thompson

When Colby and Robbo agree to let homeless Dean stay on at the Pier Apartment, he's worried they'll find the backpack of stolen cash...

With both Colby and Robbo back home at the Pier Apartment, Dean is relieved when the fellas agree to let him stay on and sleep on the sofa. But his relief is short-lived when he fears the two law-enforcers might find the backpack of stolen cash Dean has been looking after for loan shark Brett. Later that day, Dean receives a message from Brett, instructing him to deliver the backpack to the city the next day...

After taking a sneaky peek at Ty's text messages, Ryder discovers it will be his friend's 16th birthday tomorrow! With the help of friends Raffy and Coco, and Ty's foster parents Marilyn and John, everyone helps organise a secret beach party for Ty's birthday. The teenager is touched by their efforts and finally they all have something to celebrate after all the recent drama surrounding Ty coming out as gay.

Meanwhile, with his and Ziggy's honeymoon still on hold because of Maggie's cancer treatment, Brody admits to brother Justin that married life is not exactly how he had imagined it. Will Brody and Ziggy be able to get back on the same page and make plans for the future?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5