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Home and Away spoilers: Will Robbo and Jasmine Delaney get back together again?

Home and Away, Robbo, Jasmine Delaney

As Robbo faces the dilemma over whether or not to start counselling sessions, does ex-fiancee Jasmine want them to get back together?

When Robbo (aka John Doe) first arrived in Summer Bay, the former Federal Agent was blocking out painful memories about the murder of his wife Lauren and children Lucas and Sophia in a home invasion.

Robbo thought he'd since dealt with his grief. So he was caught off-guard when Jasmine Delaney's new counsellor, Aiden Wilcox suggests Robbo come along for his own counselling sessions.

Unsure whether he is ready to confront his demons again, Robbo is unsure whether to agree to counselling sessions or not.

But, in the meantime, as Jasmine deals with her own issues around love and abandonment, she wonders if there's a chance she and ex-fiance Robbo will ever get back together. But could Jasmine be setting herself up for more heartbreak/rejection by asking the question?

Home and Away, Roo Stewart

Roo makes a surprise discovery about Alf and Martha (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, Roo Stewart is happy to see her parents Alf and Martha Stewart having fun now they are officially back together.

However, Roo is in for a surprise when she discovers Martha is leaving the Bay to go back home tomorrow, as she and Alf have mutually agreed to continue to live separately. Can Roo get her head around Alf and Martha's unexpected living arrangement?

Meanwhile, Leah Patterson may have overstepped the mark when she gets involved in Morgan family business, offering her opinion about Mason Morgan who is facing possible prison time after being caught by the police with marijuana - which he was using for a secret CBD oil trial to help his teenage sister Raffy Morrison with her epilepsy. Will Leah regret getting involved?

Home and Away continues weekedays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5