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Home and Away spoilers: Willow Harris gets caught stealing

Home and Away_Week27_Willow

Light-fingered lady! With her secret gambling debts mounting, Willow steals money from the Surf Club till. But someone catches her in the act...

These are troubled times for Willow. Not only are things still awkward between her and ex-boyfriend Justin, but she's been building-up secret gambling debts and things are getting worse...

Despite not being able to pay her rent at the Caravan Park, Willow still places a $200 bet and manages to lose everything. Desperate for cash, Willow waits until no one is looking and steals some money from the till at the Surf Club. Unfortunately, she's caught in the act! But by who?

Elsewhere, Ash and Tori's terrible trust issues because of stuff that's happened in the past is ruining their relationship in the present. But it's obvious the pair still have deep feelings for each other and it's not long before they are passionately kissing again!

Meanwhile, despite his recent kiss with Raffy, Ty seems more interested in spending time with best buddy Ryder. After Ryder and Ty have a laugh together working on smoothie recipes at the Surf Club juice bar, Raffy feels let down as Ty keeps going on about his amazing friendship with Ryder. Will Raffy find herself pushed out of the picture?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5