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Home and Away spoilers: Willow Harris and Dean Thompson clash over his bad behaviour

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Willow Harris

Dean and Willow have narrowly avoided doing prison time after their crime spree. So why is Dean still being a right 'ol misery?

Dean Thompson and his ex-girlfriend Willow Harris have avoided a prison sentence for their involvement in the break-in and credit card scam at restaurant Salt. Instead, the pair have been ordered to do Community Service.

But while Willow is relieved not to be under lock and key, Dean is back to being his usual grouchy self and wastes no time in grabbing some booze and heading down to the beach to get drunk!

Annoyed by his bratty behaviour, Willow confronts Dean at the Caravan Park to find out what's going on? Could Dean's bad mood have something to do with his unsupportive mum Karen, who he has unsuccessfully tried to contact?

Meanwhile, Tori Morgan and friend Robbo push ahead with their plans for Robbo to become Tori's sperm donor so she can start her own family.

The pair arrange an overnight trip into the city to visit the IVF clinic but decide to keep their plans a secret from friends and family for the moment.

So when Tori's hospital colleague Jasmine Delaney spots the pair heading off with their overnight bags, the nurse once again jumps to the conclusion Tori and Robbo have started a secret romance!

Since friend Leah Patterson knows the truth about what's really happening between Tori and Robbo, will she betray Tori's confidence and let slip to Jasmine the baby bombshell?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5