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Home and Away spoilers: Willow Harris dies after SHOCK shooting?

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Willow Harris
7041 Willow (S.ROBERTS) is shot. Dean (P.OCONNOR) holds her

It's a race against time to save Willow's life and get her to hospital after the shooting. Can Colby and Dean catch runaway Ross and bring him to justice?

Everyone's in a panic after Willow Harris accidentally got shot by Ross Nixon. Will she survive? While policewoman Chelsea Campball and Bella Nixon race against time to try and save Willow's life, policeman Colby Thorne and his mate Dean Thompson race off in pursuit of gun-wielding Ross who has escaped.

Having previously gone on the run with Bella and been responsible for the death of Colby and Bella's mum Michelle, Colby has a BIG score to settle with the shady character!

But runaway Ross isn't going down without a fight. He flees down the highway after shooting out the tyres on Colby and Dean's car, and makes a break for it down a dirt track. But when a vengeful Colby finally catches up with Ross, how far will he go to settle an old score?

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ross Nixon

Dean is in hot pursuit of runaway Ross (Picture: Channel 5)

Back in Summer Bay, Brody Morgan tries to put on a smile for wife Ziggy as she insists on taking a romantic stroll along the beach to celebrate their one-year anniversary as an official couple.

However, it soon becomes clear Brody's mind is elsewhere. And although Brody claims it's because his restaurant Salt is super-busy, it's more because he's missing a certain trainee chef, Simone Bedford, who he recently sacked under Ziggy's orders.

But having got passionate with Simone at Salt, it now looks like Brody is well and truly conflicted between the two women in his life. How long before Ziggy discovers what cheating chef Brody has been up to?

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