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Home and Away spoilers: Will evil Ebony Easton set fire to the house?

Home and Away, Ebony Easton

What's that smell? Colby realises he is in deadly danger when Ebony starts pouring petrol under the door of the room where he is trapped...

Colby tries to reason with Ebony, using her real name Lisa to try and throw his captor off guard. But having already fatally poisoned her own hated mum, Hazel, Ebony is hellbent on revenge against copper Colby for shooting dead her criminal brother, Boyd. As Hazel starts pouring petrol beneath the door of the room where he is trapped, will it be a fiery finish for Colby?

Meanwhile, Colby's apartment mate Robbo has been tracking his moves and is racing to save his buddy. But Ebony is armed with a cigarette lighter, ready to make everything go ka-boom! Will Robbo make it in time?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Justin invites his homeless ex-girlfriend Willow to move into the Morgan house. But when Willow realises Justin is monitoring her every move after discovering the truth about her gambling addiction, angry Willow packs her bags and is ready to storm out. But will she be stopped in her tracks when Justin admits he still loves her?

Meanwhile, Leah is back from her trip to Cyprus and is not impressed when she catches former stepson Hunter getting romantic with his university lecturer Christina. Worried the pair are crossing a line and Hunter could be jeopardising his chance of getting the internship, Leah warns the lad to back off from Christina. But will Hunter take Leah's advice?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5