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Home and Away spoilers: Horrible Hazel orders Ebony to poison Colby!


With the police on her trail, horrible Hazel orders daughter Ebony to finish her business in Summer Bay and hands her some vials of deadly poison...

Justin and Colby continue their mission to track down Hazel in Mangrove River. But when they get to Hazel's hotel room they discover they are too late, as the wicked woman has done a runner and later phones Justin to taunt him.

But there's worse to come, when Colby is reprimanded by his boss McCarthy for undermining the on-going police investigation into the Easton family and is told he is fired from the force!

Elsewhere in the Bay, Ryder and Ty still seem to be spending more time with each other than their girlfriends Coco and Raffy. And when the lads start working together on the music for Ziggy and Brody's upcoming wedding, Raffy begins to worry she has somehow messed things up with Ty as he seems to be distancing himself from her.

Also, Maggie and Ben are feeling the financial pressure but they are still determined to give their mechanic daughter Ziggy a wedding day to remember and begin searching for a cool hot rod car to hire for the Big Day.

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5