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Hostage siege at the hospital!

The hospital is in lock-down when Big Bob closes off all the exits as he continues to hold, among others, Grace, Cameron, Esther, Leela and Freddie hostage. As DI Gale and the police arrive outside, some of the hostages plan their escape route while Big Bob prepares to release Lindsey as a bargaining tool to ensure his own freedom. However, Dr Grey rushes past them towards the exit and, in the chaos, Freddie is shot! Lindsey urges Freddie to stay awake and admits that he could be the father of her baby!

Meanwhile, Tegan and Ziggy are still stuck in the hospital lift, unaware of the drama unfolding. Big Bob cuts the power and an oblivious Tegan and Ziggy really are trapped in the lift. Ziggy takes off his sumo suit when the lift gets too hot and only has Tegan's scarf to cover his modesty. The temperature soon gets even hotter when they end up kissing...