Hunter finds out that Josh killed his mother

Hunter King in Home and Away

Hunter agrees that getting revenge won't bring his mother back

Hunter is stunned when Evelyn reveals that Josh murdered Charlotte. He heads off, but Zac tracks him down and the pair agree that Hunter needs to move on. Later, a furious Andy warns Hunter to stay away from Josh.

Josh confesses that he killed Charlotte, but doesn’t mention that Kat failed to tell the police he was the murderer. Later, Kat tells Andy he’s free of all charges, but needs to raise $50,000 for bail, so Ash decides to put the garage up as security. When Kat hears that Ash has made such a big decision without consulting her, things turn frosty between the couple.

Andy is determined to help Josh and starts by getting in contact with a very old and very dodgy friend called Simmo….

Nate is responsible for the new medical students and takes an instant dislike to Tori’s brother Mason. However, when Alf takes a fall, Mason’s light-hearted but caring manner seems to be the perfect antidote However, when Mason fails to report the fall, Nate warns him that he’ll get no special treatment because of Tori, unaware she’s overheard.

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