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Are Ayesha and Tyler over?

Ayesha in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Tyler puts his foot in it again with Ayesha...

Tyler is running on thin ice with Ayesha again. He takes her to a pub for a date, but it soon turns out he has other motives, which result in a violent altercation. Have Ayesha and Tyler finally reached the end of the road?

Meanwhile, Sid is convinced he's to blame for the death of his patients, but will Jimmi agree? In a meeting with Jimmi and Al, they advise him to try a different approach when it comes to treating patients. At first, Sid is left stunned at their suggestion, but will he end up taking their advice on board?

Also, Mrs Tembe becomes a Cyrano De Bergerac for a desperate, lonely friend at the church.