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Is Lindsey about to get caught?

Dirk’s got his hands on Dr S’Avage’s laptop and Cindy tells him the video of the hospital killer is on there. Cindy finds the footage from Ashley Davidson’s hospital room just as Lindsey turns up. Lindsey pretends to have pregnancy pains as a distraction but, as Cindy leaves to take her to hospital, Lindsey’s alarmed when Cindy tells Dirk to keep watching the video! At the hospital, Lindsey tells Kim about the laptop and urges her to get it from Dirk.

Elsewhere, Robbie wants to explain himself to Jason and asks Holly to try and get through to him. Holly convinces her new husband to open his bedroom door but she can’t deny she loves Robbie too. Robbie goads Jason into punching him and Freddie's caught in the crossfire. Freddie's taken to hospital, where he gets a flashback of the day Lindsey tried to kill him – does he remember?

Keen to forget about her chemo session today, Jade focuses her attention on the charity abseil instead. Alfie promises to put his vertigo aside and take part in the abseil if she’ll go to her chemo appointment. Cameron refuses to sign the form to let Peri take part in the charity abseil so Peri asks Ste instead. He agrees but hopes that Cameron doesn’t find out. Peri’s just about to do the abseil when Cameron arrives…