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Jack's in hospital after suffering a heart attack as Darcy continues to plot

Hollyoaks spoilers: Jack is delighted to get some life-changing news

It's touch and go for Jack following a heart-attack

Jack is in hospital following his collapse and is scared when he’s told he’s had a heart attack and is too fragile to have a heart bypass.

His son Darren is distraught with the news and seeks comfort with Mandy as the pair end up kissing again. However there’s fresh drama when Jack goes missing from the hospital. What’s happened to him?

Elsewhere Jesse encourages Courtney to fight her Granny for baby Iona. Will she get her daughter back?

Courtney and Jesse decide they want to be together but Jesse starts to waver when he gets a call from Goldie in prison asking him to visit her. Will he do as Goldie wants?