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James helps Joanne plot to snare Joe!

Rachel Leskovac plays Joanne Cardsley in Hollyoaks

Joanne wants to get close to Joe in Hollyoaks, so James helps her get his attention...

James offers to help Joanne get her hands on Joe and they fake a car breakdown. Their plan is foiled, however, when Freddie turns up instead of Joe. Later, James meets a client, Marco, and sees a CCTV picture of him and Mercedes doing a drug deal.

Liam, Jesse and Adam are outraged when Warren is released but Grace tells Liam about the gun she’s planted with Warren’s prints all over it. Warren’s packing his bags to leave but Sienna’s desperate for him to stay and reveals she has the gun. It doesn’t stop Warren wanting to go, though, and Sienna’s left heartbroken.

Warren confronts smug Grace and her face falls when he tells her Sienna has the gun. Later, thinking Warren has gone, Grace tells Adam the feud is over, while Warren promises Sienna he’ll help her find out the truth about Patrick.

Also, Alfie, Jade and Tom get their GCSE results. As Tom tells Peri he doesn’t ever want to see her again, Nico promises she’ll find a way to change Tom’s mind...